Lionhead reveals Fable II ‘Knothole Island’ DLC

Today, Lionhead announced their big downloadable content secret for Fable II, which unsurprisingly takes the form of an entirely new area called Knothole Island. The content will sweep adventurers to a “remote” island with a climate similar to that of Antarctica. The area is now frozen over and only the best (or the worst) of Albion can restore it to its previous glory.

Knothole Island will be available for download on December 12 for 800 Microsoft space bucks. It promises several new quests, and enemies to face as well as cooperative opportunities if you have a buddy willing to download it as well. In addition to your purchase, you’ll receive several new items not specific to the DLC. These items include the Knight’s Boots, Assassin’s Gloves, a weight loss potion, a collectible silver book, and “more.”

This is what I’ve been waiting for in terms of Fable DLC – new areas and items. I’m really digging the Assassin’s gloves, because it shows the promise of at least two more of these packages. Only the chest piece can be found in Fable II.

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