Lionhead plans to support Natal in Fable III

During his London-based BAFTA lecture last evening, Peter Molyneux lobbed a second Fable III-related announcement to crowd — Fable III is to support Project Natal and it’s controller-less funny business.

Judging by industry tweets of the event (via VG247), the Lionhead Studios boss seemed to short on the details of how Natal would factor into the RPG. We’re guessing it will have a minimalistic role, perhaps as a way to convey taunts or boasts like fist pumping or farting, but that’s wholly unconfirmed. For all we know, Molyneux may use it to put a drop of metal and flair in his one-button combat system.

But if by chance we can flip off our televisions and a little heroic avatar responds in like, well, then we’re looking at a new age of gaming, folks.

Brad BradNicholson