Lionhead announcing … something tomorrow

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It’s sunny in Guildford, today. Go outside or something.

Or, stay glued to your chair for the next 24 odd hours. (We don’t judge.) A recent posting on the Lionhead Development Blog teased that some sort of announcement will be made through the blog tomorrow. Mysterious.

“I’m picking up through the grapevine that tomorrow there is going to be some news announcement and also can’t-miss content, so make sure to visit our site tomorrow,” the Lionhead writer exclaimed in the post.

“No further details are available,” he added before announcing that Guildford is experiencing the effects of global warming.

Your guess is as good as ours. We’re thinking Fable II downloadable content. But you never really know what’s coming out of the house that Molyneux built. What do you guys think it is?

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