Limited Run Wonder Boy Collector’s Edition is lovely

It’s A Trap

Limited Run Games makes a pretty nice product. They have released numerous titles in a physical format including the majority of the Shantae series, Astebreed, and Broken Age on PlayStation 4.

But look…just fucking look at how wonderful this Collector’s Edition of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is.

Anyone growing up with a Sega Master System will instantly understand the sort of ugly but familiar checkerboard pattern on the game boxes. I may just be waxing nostalgic here, but everything in this package looks like a real treat.

In advance, I am happy for all two of you who will be lucky enough to snag one, because as is the case with most Limited Run releases, they will probably gone within minutes of going on sale. There is a link to the regular version of the game, but doesn’t seem to be any information specifically pertaining to the Collector’s Edition release. To keep up on their titles, I have typically watched their Twitter feed; seems to be the best way to stay informed.

Joel Peterson