Limited edition Space Invaders scarf is both geek and chic

I see a lot of gamer apparel and such in my travels over the wide world of internets, but most of the wares have that detail that makes them a bit too dorky or tend to overstate the obvious, such as “I Saved the Princess!” I know, guy. So did I. In fact, we all did.

Anyway, overly cliched garments aside, I actually wanted this scarf when I saw it, despite the fact I live in a tropical climate. I can wear it with my shorts! Ok….no. Maybe when it dips down to 60 here I can rock it and attempt to look hip. Not only is the print pleasing, but the scarf has QR code on it that can be decoded by any mobile phone with a QR scanner. If that means nothing to you, don’t worry. You’ll still look cool wearing it even if you’re a tech moron.

The scarf is limited to 500 pieces and is the first in a series. I wish I was one of those cool chicks that knit at the speed of sound and go to Stitch-N-Bitch  parties, because I’d make myself a wicked Pyramid Head scarf. 

[Via Engadget — Thanks Justin!]

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