Limited edition Sonic Classic Collection just for Spain?

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As big a Sonic fanboy as I am, even I’ve grown tired of Sega’s endless Sonic re-releases. Sonic Classic Collection is the latest, rehashing the same old games on the DS, but there is a reason I’d actually buy this one. Sadly, that reason is currently restricted to Spain. 

Sonic Classic Collection has a Spanish limited edition that actually looks really nice. It’s got what looks like a snazzy tin case, a selection of cards, and a neat little Sonic figure. The annoying thing is, it’s only been confirmed for Spain so far and it doesn’t look like a North American release is forthcoming. Boo!

I’ll keep an eye on this, mostly for myself. Hopefully this finds a home outside of Spain, because I actually do want this.

Edición especial exclusiva en España de Sonic Classic Collection [Escuadron Pikmin, via GoNintendo]

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