Limited Edition Ceramic White PS2/SingStar Pop bundle coming this Fall

The color of most public urinals, nothing says “pop music” like ceramnic white. This irony isn’t lost on Sony, who have announced today that they will be bundling their karaoke title, SingStar Pop, with a limited edition Ceramic White PlayStation 2. 

The bundle retails for $149.99, and ships with the full retail versoin of SingStar Pop, along with the game’s two solid USB microphone peripherals. The Ceramic White doesn’t contain any new functions or design changes other than the fact that it’s white, but trust me when I say that people are going to eat this bundle up at retail this Holiday.

The bundle will be available this November, although GameStop seems to think they can ship you one in the next 24 hours. If you can’t wait to sing your favorite Rihanna and Ashlee Simpsons songs, SingStar Pop is available now for $49.99.

You know you want it.

Nick Chester