Limbo of the Lost day: Epic trailers of winsome glory

Following the hilarious news that Limbo of the Lost, as well as being crap, was nothing but a collage of artistic theft, I have decided to name today Limbo of the Lost Day, a celebration of point-and-click plagiarism. If you’ve been following the Internet madness surrounding the story, you have probably seen these already, but as part of Limbo of the Lost Day, I am posting some triumphant game trailers in the name of posterity.

Is this an elaborate practical joke? The fact that copies of the game seem to exist in physical form and they even went so far as to rip off Disney movies seems to suggest that if this whole thing is a prank, it is the demented work of some one-off man mentals as opposed to the sophisticated humor of a sane person. I mean, just LOOK at the trailer above. They seriously put this out for public consumption? My favorite part of it has to be the font they used for the text. It just screams “MS Word.”

All signs point this being scarily genuine, but who knows? All I am certain of is this is the best laugh I’ve had in a long while. Another trailer lives beyond the jump.

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