Limbo not coming to PS3 or PC after all

While intriguing indie games coming out on multiple platforms is always a good thing to happen it sadly doesn’t always occur. Such is the case for Limbo. The promising looking Xbox Live Arcade exclusive is indeed still an XBLA exclusive despite what the ESRB wants to list it as.

Joystiq got in touch with Limbo‘s developer, Playdead, once the ESRB listed the game for PS3 and PC and they informed them that the game was only coming to XBLA. Playdead’s Dino Patti said, “We are only launching the title on XBLA. You won’t see a PS3 or PC version this time around, sorry.” He also noted that they have asked the ESRB to change the listing and that they aren’t sure where the confusion came from.

Judging from how downright interesting Limbo looks this has to be some sad news for PC and PS3 only gamers, but it’s a great boon for the 360.

Playdead: Limbo not coming to PS3 and PC [Joystiq]

Matthew Razak