Limbo appearing on PC and PS3 too, says ESRB

It was disappointing to hear Playdead only announce Limbo for Xbox LIVE Arcade. There’s no sane reason to wish that a game — especially one as captivating as Limbo — remain exclusive to your platform of choice at the readily apparent suffering of others. If this describes your behavior, you, my good sir, are a jerk.

Much to our delight, the ESRB’s listing for the game mentions how a certain atmospheric platformer will also be showing up on PlayStation 3 and PC at some point. My guess is it’ll first come out on XBLA this summer, followed by these newly mentioned versions some months later, which seems to be the norm.

Maybe if we’re lucky, the wait won’t be long. Still, good cause for celebration.

Spooky Indie Title Limbo Will Go Multiplatform [Game Informer]

Jordan Devore
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