Lima Sky backs down from Doodle Jump copyright claim

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Doodle Jump developer Lima Sky has reeled back its war on Doodle, easing up on various games with “Doodle” in their name, but stating that it will still fight to protect its trademark in those cases where it’s needed.

“I’ve instructed my lawyer to contact Apple today to withdraw the notice …”, says founder Igor Pusenjak. “The notice overreached in asking Apple to remove the games and named some games that probably should not have been singled out. If the name of your game is so close to Doodle Jump that people think Lima Sky created it, we are asking you to change that. If you copied characters from Doodle Jump, we are asking you to change those.”

“Under the law, like it or not (and we don’t like it), we are required to ask those developers to stop using a name similar to our trademarks, whether the infringer is a little guy or a big guy. 

“… Accelerato’s Bryan Duke, and many of you, are ridiculing me for attempting to trademark the word ‘Doodle.’, but such is trademark law. Apple has a trademark on a name of a fruit (Apple); a number of companies have trademarks on the word ‘Memory;’ and Facebook is asking for a trademark on ‘Face.'”

What has disgusted me throughout this whole thing is how Duke (who also once tried to trademark Doodle) and others manipulated the Internet’s obsession with “the little guy” to make Lima Sky look like a villain. I’m frankly sick of the “little guys” on iTunes who shamelessly copy other games to try and siphon off some parasitic downloads.

Life isn’t The Raccoons, and successful people aren’t automatically Cyril Sneer.

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