Lily Allen in Simlish; not as good as The Wu-Tang Clan in Arimatheic

Lily Allen is a London-born pop starlet who has recently rocketed to fame with her Spice-Girls-meets-Norah-Jones singing and the fact that she is incredibly adorable. If you anthropomorphisized this puppy in a basket, it would be considered her frumpy older sister, and people would spit at it as the two of them walked down the street. Lily, being the incarnation of everything sweet and kind in the world would shield the basket o’ mcpupperson with her body, and would then buy it ice cream and maybe a yacht, for not only is she kind, wise and generous, she is also insanely wealthy.

EA, the company responsible for cleaning, feeding and walking John Madden, has decided that there is no better cross-promotion than taking this petite British songstress and recreating her within their latest Sims 2 expansion pack, Seasons. Not only that, they recreated the music video to her biggest hit, Smile, entirely within the engine, and in their Sims’ native tongue, Simlish.

The irony here is that in our modern, e-world, The Sims, this particular expansion pack, and even this viral video will have a longer shelf life than any teenaged pop star. As much as I would love to marry Lily, move to the Isle of Wight and raise a whole litter of adorable children and basket pups, her fame is going to be merely a memory by the time I finish typing this sentence.

[Thanks Detry, for forcing me to contemplate the inherent ethereal nature of fame in our modern world, and totally bum myself out in doing so. Jerk.] 

Earnest Cavalli
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