Lil Jon on Def Jam ICON; the A-T-L represents, apparently …

Ryan Stevens, one of our favorite tippers, and the whitest guy since Kip Winger, took time out from his busy schedule of listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd, and ironically commenting on knee-high leg warmers, to send in the above clip. It’s of Ryan (full of himself, ain’t he?) interviewing Lil’ Jon, a “crunk” rapper, more well known as a character on a television show that no longer exists, than for his musical talents.

The entirety of the interview is pretty typical for what you get when an MTV-property decides to interview a rapper about his new fighting game; Lil’ Jon sounds like a hip-hop PR release, and you don’t glean anything from what he says that you couldn’t have figured out by looking at any of the screenshots, or listening to an NWA album from 1989.

Ryan, on the other hand, sounds painfully caucasian. I’d like to think his use of the word “crunk” was ironic, in a hipper-than-thou, elitist sort of way, but I don’t think MTV has approved of irony since 1994. Ryan, we love you kid, but you’re a tool of the man’s oppression! Sure, they pay your bills, and they made it possible for you to bang Paris Hilton, but as soon as that case of Face AIDS clears up, you’re going to have to come to the realization that MTV doesn’t love you. They only love your doggystyle.

Earnest Cavalli
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