Lil’ Flip used the #RIPLionhead hashtag almost six years ago

Lionhead Legend

Nas is rap’s Nastradamus, but is Lil’ Flip video games’ Nostradamus? Whether he knew it or not, the Houston rapper was almost six years early in predicting the latest possible studio shuttering.

Today, Microsoft cancelled Fable Legends and revealed it is in talks about closing the UK-based developer. Almost immediately, Twitter was filled with people expressing their sympathies, followed by the hashtag #RIPLionhead.

But, if you scroll all the way back to the first use of the hashtag, it came way before this morning’s news. On November 9, 2010, Lil’ Flip (of “This is the Way We Ball” and “Game Over” fame) sent out the tweet that’s embedded below. I don’t understand most of it, but #RIPLionhead is right in the middle.

At time of writing, Lil’ Flip’s tweet had zero retweets and zero favorites.


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