Like it or not, Yakuza 3 gets voiceovers [update]

We…we didn’t need this, Sega. We…appreciate it, but you shouldn’t have. It’s kind of like getting a sweater vest for Christmas.

Sega confirmed that Yakuza 3 is getting voiceovers with its localization in a 1UP podcast.

“A lot of lines in [Yakuza 3], so obviously the more expensive it gets, you wanna land the right actors, voice the right parts,” Sega told 1UP.

And again, Sega, you shouldn’t have. We know you mulled over this release, and we would be totally fine with the quick and dirty localization that you did with Yakuza 2. Hearing you talk about how much good voiceover work cost you on Yakuza 3 is kind of lost on us. We just want to play the game. Now. Any of the many that imported it were more than happy to play then and there. Trust me, subtitles would have been more than fine.

For Yakuza 4, just do subtitles. Sega Japan spent so much hiring big name Japanese actors. Talking over them would be wrong, even if most of the West wouldn’t understand it.

[UPDATE: It turns out that the 1UP podcast was misleading. It looks like Sega has confirmed that there will be no voice work. Subtitles only. Sega Nerds has been following up. Thanks, ShiningSkies.]

US Yakuza 3 release will feature English voice-overs [VG247]

Dale North