Like a Moth to a Frame quest completion guide Hogwarts Legacy

As an early sidequest, this one is on the easy side

After completing the tutorial, getting sorted into a house, and after wandering the halls of Hogwarts for a bit, you’ll gain access to Hogwarts Legacy sidequests. One of the earliest such quests is “Like a Moth to a Frame,” which is a very quick and easy source of experience points. Here’s where to find it, and how to complete it.

Step 1: Get the quest from the Central Hall

The sidequest “Like a Moth to a Frame” will pop up after completing the initial story quests located in Hogwarts proper. Head to your map, then open up the “Central Hall” hub (an early fast travel Floo Flame point will be unlocked as part of the campaign).

Speak to Lenora Everleigh, a student, to kick off the quest. Note that you can highlight the sidequest on the map, and track it.

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Step 2: Observe the secret painting with the Lumos (light) spell

Lenora will give you the rundown on the “puzzle” that the quest entails, but it’s such a simple activity that you won’t really need any introductions or hints.

Cast the Lumos spell on the painting to highlight an area of the Central Hall that you’ll need to locate.

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Step 3: Find the hidden location in the painting

Turn right (facing the painting) and head straight down the stairs in front of you.

Hang left (around the nook underneath the staircase) and observe the wall to locate the object that needs to be placed back into the painting.

Step 4: Go back to the painting, and talk to Lenora (above) to finish out the quest

Grab the object (use Lumos if it doesn’t follow you) and walk back to the painting where you picked up the quest. It’ll fly into the painting and complete the objective.

To fully complete the quest, you’ll need to speak to Lenora. She’s located right above you, on the staircase. You’ll get some experience points and the rewards that go along with that in case of a level up (I obtained the Cobalt Regalia outfit).

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