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Like a Dragon Ishin

Adjust the game to your preferred style

Like a Dragon: Ishin! might be the most fun you can have with a video game this winter. The game is jam-packed with action, drama, farming, and fishing. I mean, people, there is an Eastern Promises-style fight in a bathhouse. Sure, that sentence alone is enough to move a couple hundred copies. But if you think this action game might be a bit too complicated for you, you’ll be happy to know it houses quite a few potent accessibility options that will be useful to all players.

On the game’s main menu, you’ll find Ishin‘s “Settings/Accessibility” tab that’ll let you adjust certain aspects of the game to your liking. Here is a complete list of Like a Dragon‘s accessibility options:

Like a Dragon Accessibility
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  • Action Assistance: With this, you just need one button to execute a variety of abilities.
  • Automatic QTEs: Quick-time events suck. This helps them suck a lot less.
  • Automatic Style Change: Will automatically change fighting style depending on the situation.
  • Automatic Heat Actions: Automates heat actions in combat, depending on the situation and availability of heat.
  • Automatic Special Moves: Automates the use of special moves when the heat gauge is full.
  • Simplify Combo Attacks: Allows you to choose if combos are performed by repeatedly pressing the button or by holding it down.
  • Simplify Repeated Presses: Allows you to change combat actions to require repeated presses to ones that require you to press and hold instead.
  • Distance Assistance: When enabled, it will correct the distance between the player and enemies during combat, making it easier for attacks to hit.
    • If you’re new to the Like a Dragon franchise and style of brawler action, this is a good option to enable.
  • Color Options: This gives you three different color options for your screen.

I’ve been dipping my toes in this game as much as possible because it is a lot of fun, and with options like Distance Assistance and Automatic QTEs enabled, it’s been a stress-free entry into the world of Like a Dragon.

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