Lights Out: Battlefield beta woes, Netflix and ICO on top

[Lights Out: A Destructoid Newsreel is a video series highlighting a selection of Destructoid staff and contributors, featuring a discussion of the news of the day over a spirited round of Team Fortress 2.]

Time to wrap up the week with a little of that sweet Team Fortress 2. And, while we’re at it, another edition of Lights Out. I’m joined once again by Jordan Devore and Brett Zeidler to discuss the stories that matter to gamers. Or, at least the ones who happen to be recording the show.

In tonight’s episode, we discuss the Battlefield 3 public beta and how well that’s been going. We also touch on Netflix’s new spin-off service Qwikster and their upcoming games initiative and how it is that the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection wound up topping the charts this week.

Conrad Zimmerman