Light some candles and set the mood: BioShock soundtrack available for free

Throw out your Barry White collection — 2K Games have released the original score to BioShock as a free download over at The Cult of Rapture Web site. 

Whether they’re talking about how great the game is, whining about widescreen issues, or crying about DRM, there’s simply not enough talk about this game’s awesome sound design. With the lights low, and the 5.1 Surround Sound kicked into high gear, the world of Rapture’s eerie sound palette are one of the highlights of BioShock. Coupled with Garry Schyman’s haunting soundtrack, the game is a feast for your ears as much as it is for your eyes. 

2K calls it “a combination of early twentieth century writing, aleatoric elements, musique concrete, traditional tonal and late romantic styles that capture the distinct retro-futuristic aesthetic of the game.” We call it free and awesome.

Nick Chester