Life with PlayStation is delayed, in case you didn’t notice

Life with PlayStation, Sony’s new online information service, was scheduled for release in August after its original launch month of July was pushed back. For those who haven’t noticed, it is now September 2, so you could reasonably assume that the service is, once again, delayed. You’d be right to assume it, too.

“We’re still pushing some paperwork on Life with PlayStation — so hold tight just a bit longer,” pleaded SCEA senior development manager R&D, Noam Rimon. “We know you’re eager to check it out for yourself, so we’re working hard to get it in your hands. Stay tuned.”

Life with PlayStation is expected to perform many of the duties of the Nintendo’s extra channels, only more streamlined. Rolling both the Wii’s news and weather channels into one, Life with PlayStation will be accessible from the PS3’s XMB and will also be linked with the [email protected] project. 

Although not as highly anticipated or as delayed as Home, the last thing Sony needs is yet another delayed project. It’s becoming somewhat self-satirical.

James Stephanie Sterling