Life size Link papercraft puts everything else to shame

And I thought this Ninja Gaiden papercraft was awesome. I was very wrong. In fact after today and seeing the life size Link papercraft I’m pretty sure that all other papercrafts are going to pale in comparison. Life in general might pale in comparison to the greatness that is exuding from this thing. While part of the excitement in me might be the Zelda fanboy talking, it’s pretty clear that the above papercraft exudes nothing but awesomeness.

This little big sucker was made by PaperCraft Museum’s Haywan and it looks like it took a while. You can actually watch his progress in a series of vids he put over at PaperCraft Museum (along with more images). It’s clear that this took a lot of work and a lot of love. If you believe that you have the stamina, dexterity and sticktoitiveness to tackle this project here are the instructions. Choose wisely when deciding which Link you want to create. When you’re done, please get in touch as I will come to your house and steal it from you.

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