Life is Strange’s final trailer is a dream nightmare

Just like Max’s life

On the eve of the release of Life is Strange‘s final installment, Max is frozen on the precipice of catastrophe. Truthfully, she has been since the cliffhanger ending to episode four way back in July.

Thus far, Life is Strange has been dealing largely in short-term time alterations. This trailer hints at the idea that something larger may need to be implemented to fix everything. Or, it’ll be disastrous — there’s always that possibility.

While it doesn’t spoil anything, Polarized‘s launch trailer alludes to some of the more poignant moments in the series. It might be best to avoid if you haven’t kept up on Max’s adventures to this point.

It has been a rocky ride thus far, but Life is Strange concludes (?) tomorrow. The fourth episode, Dark Room, was the best the game has had to offer so far. Hopefully Polarized can follow in those footsteps. Regardless, we’ll have a review and guide for you in the very near future.

Brett Makedonski
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