Life is Strange releases its pent up teenage angst next month

Just the first episode, though

The introductory episode of Dontnod’s Life is Strange is scheduled to bend time and break the rules on January 30. The indie-tinged five-part adventure game about all the mixed emotions of being a teen is coming to PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Square Enix has outlined the pricing model for Life is Strange. Individual episodes will cost $4.99. A season pass comprised of episodes two through five runs $16.99. Anyone that wants to take the plunge right off the bat can get all five parts for $19.99 (Xbox 360 excluded, for some reason). Dontnod intends to release installments approximately every six weeks.

Life is Strange grabbed my attention in a gamescom 2014 demo, and shot to the top of my list of anticipated titles. In my limited time with it, the teenage uncertainty that so often defines our formative years felt genuine, Max and Chloe so easy to empathize with. And, like the song in this trailer, it was wonderfully melancholy and hypnotic.

Brett Makedonski
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