Life is Strange looks like it’s going to start heating up

And blowing up

The third episode of Life is Strange releases this week, and it appears as if the embattled-teen story will really pick up speed with this next installment. That is, if this trailer has anything to say about it.

Thus far, the first two parts of Life is Strange have been mostly focused on introduction and proving that Max actually does have the power to rewind time. We’ve seen some crescendos, but they’ve been largely isolated in a sense. Now, it looks like everything will have higher stakes.

Also, Chloe blows open the principal’s door with a bomb, and this story definitely hasn’t had enough explosions yet. However, it came at the expense of trading out chilling indie music for an action-packed thriller score. Well, just for a bit, though; then we get right back to the indie tunes. So predictable, Life is Strange — but that’s okay by me.

Brett Makedonski
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