Life is Strange: Episode Three Achievement guide

Point camera, earn Gamerscore

We’re at the halfway point of Life is Strange, and while the story is moving right along, the Achievement lists remain similar. Ten optional photos to snap in every episode, and Chaos Theory is no different. This guide should help you find all of them without any difficulty.

In case you’re a bit behind, the guides for episode one and episode two should get you up to speed.

Life is Strange has a chapter select feature that tells you how many photos in each section remain to be collected. However, make sure to select the option to “play this chapter in collectible mode” which will allow you to hunt without changing any choices you’ve already made.

Everything from here on out may contain spoilers. The screenshots that I’ve captured certainly give away where each Achievement can be found. I’ve listed them in the order in which they appear, but I highly recommend playing through once at your own speed before using a guide to clean up.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, another 200 Gamerscore is waiting to be earned.

Chaos Theory: Finish Episode 3: Chaos Theory

This is the only Achievement that’s earned through story progression. Just finish the third episode. It shouldn’t give you any trouble at all.

Parallax View: Find optional photo #1 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory

Break into Victoria’s room after finding out that she snuck off campus. She has a glow-in-the-dark action figure sitting on her desk. Shine your flashlight on it for a few seconds, then take a picture of it.

Lenscrafted: Find optional photo #2 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory

Awww, it’s our little squirrel friend again. He’s sitting on the bench to the right after exiting the dorms. Coming close will cause him to scurry away, but rewind time to get him to pose for a picture.

The Reflex: Find optional photo #3 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory

After meeting up with Chloe and entering the school, take a quick detour to the science room. Max wants a photo of the fish, so turn on the light in their tank and snap a quick pic.

Histogrammar: Find optional photo #4 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory

While you’re still in the science room, let’s grab another photo. Head toward the back and take a picture of the skeleton with a cigarette in its mouth. Smoking kills, kids!

Bokeh: Find optional photo #5 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory

In the principal’s office, take a picture of Chloe behind the bronze hawk. It’s not easy to line everything up; it pretty much has to be arranged exactly like this screenshot.

Pinholed: Find optional photo #6 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory

After getting dressed in Rachel’s clothes, stop off in the upstairs bathroom for a quick selfie.

RAW Strength: Find optional photo #7 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory

Just like the squirrel, our bird friend is back too. Before eating Joyce’s breakfast, scare the bird from the top of the cabinet, off of the fireplace, and out the window. Then, it’ll land on the fence in the backyard. Go take a picture of it.

Viewfinder: Find optional photo #8 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory

Try taking a picture of the big rig across the street from the diner. The trucker standing outside will stop you. Talk to him, rewind the conversation, and casually bring up the make and model of his semi. He’ll be so impressed that he’ll let you take a picture for real, as long as you also bring up Rachel Amber.

Cross Processing: Find optional photo #9 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory

Immediately after the last photo, move around the side of the diner. There’s an unfortunate birdie being swarmed by a million ants. Snap a picture of the carnage.

Flash!: Find optional photo #10 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory

Toward the end of the episode, Max will discover that her abilities range beyond what she previously thought. After a bit of revelatory dialogue, pick up the camera on the kitchen counter and snap this episode’s final picture.

Camera Eye: Find all optional photos in Episode 3: Chaos Theory

This one unlocks as soon as you nab all ten photos. Bonus Achievement!

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