Life is Strange Episode 3 uncovers secrets on May 19

‘Chaos Theory’ arrives next Tuesday

Dontnod’s next installment of Life is Strange launches May 19, Square Enix announced today.

The third entry is titled Chaos Theory and sees “Max & Chloe ramp up their investigation to find out what exactly is going on at Blackwell Academy and the whereabouts of Rachel Amber.”

While the duo uncover secrets, Max will apparently find a new use for her time-bending powers.

The saga is slated to unfold over the course of five episodes, which Destructoid’s Brett Makedonski has been chronicling his experience with as they trickle out to market. For more coverage, you can examine his appraisals of the first chapter, Chrysalis, and its followup, Out of Time.

Life is Strange Episode 3 Coming May 19 [Square Enix]


Kyle MacGregor Burleson