Life is Strange: Before the Storm’s bonus episode will tug at your heartstrings in March


The bonus “farewell” episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm will land on all digital platforms and at retail on March 6, 2018. Our UK brethren will be getting their boxed copies on March 9. If you’re wondering what these boxed copies will come with, then your decision just got a whole lot messier. Square Enix has put together three different versions for you to choose from, because why not?

The “Vinyl Edition” (available exclusively through Square Enix’s online store) will include the game alongside the soundtrack on four records, a CD of the soundtrack, an art book and a presentation box for you to show off. The “Limited Edition” will contain just the game alongside the CD soundtrack. The “Standard Edition” is just for people who want a box to show off.

Each version of the game will have the bonus episode included as well as a costume pack for Chloe, a “Mixtape Mode” that lets you create your own playlist from the licensed soundtrack for the game and Episode One of the original Life is Strange game (which is already free…).

If you pre-order any of the boxed editions from selected retailers, you’ll also get figurines of Chloe and Rachel that will make you cry every time you look at them. I can already feel the tears swelling up.

Announcing the Farewell release date & boxed editions of Before the Storm [Steam Community]

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