Life is Strange 2’s Episode 2 trailer goes to gram and gramp’s house

To Grandmother’s House We Go!

Life is Strange 2 is shaping up to be about all sorts of formative moments and experiences, but there’s an underlying thread that ties it all together: Family. Protagonists Sean and Daniel are brothers who are mutually mourning the loss of their dad.

That connection expands in Rules, the second of five episodes, when the two run off to grandma and grandpa’s house. The grandparents quietly adopt the Diaz brothers, and tell them to keep a low profile in the sleepy town of Beaver Creek, Oregon. Assuredly, everything will not go smoothly.

This trailer also re-introduces Captain Spirit, as we’ll seemingly get resolution to the arc started in the free Life is Strange 2 playable teaser The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Captain Spirit is having a really bad Saturday; maybe Sean and Daniel can put some pep back in his step.

Life is Strange 2‘s second episode launches globally Thursday, January 24. We’ll have a review ready sometime later this week.

Brett Makedonski
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