Life imitating games: the world of Final Fantasy VII turned real

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We’ll say right off that you’re only going to appreciate this video/slideshow if:

a. you’ve played Final Fantasy VII
b. you liked Final Fantasy VII
c. you actually still remember Final Fantasy VII 

Seriously, if you don’t fit the above listed criteria, then this one is going to be a head scratcher. 

These videos (one also after the jump) contain pictures of places around Earth that look just like they came out of the Squaresoft classic Final Fantasy VII. Hold on, it’s cooler than it sounds.

Gaia is fully represented in these videos. Everything from Midgar and the Shinra Electric Power Company to wide open fields and chocobo races are represented here. Some of the shots (I won’t ruin it for you) are absolutely spot-on, which makes me think that someone spent a lot of time creating these videos.

The videos are set to the orchestrated tracks from the Final Fantasy VII Reunion CD, so it’s also nice to hear as well as see. Enjoy.

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