Lieberman and Clinton to team up with the ESRB for PSA

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Senators Hillary “Ice Queen Of The Frozen North” Clinton and Joe “Am I A Republican, Yet?” Lieberman, will be teaming up with the ESRB for a campaign of public service announcements in the near future. These two politicians have long been proponents of more stringent laws around gaming companies regarding their use of sex, drugs, and hardcore, way awesome violence, so to see them team up with a group (the ESRB) whom they have publicly derided in the past, seems somewhat odd.

Also involved in the ads will be Best Buy president Brian “I’ve Got Your PS3 Sitting In My Garage” Dunn and Gamestop CEO Steve “Nex Ran Out Of Clever Nicknames” Morgan. I guess these two are there to promote solidarity throughout the entireity of the gaming industry, but if you can’t see the kind of backroom politics taking place in this deal, you’re as blind as this adorable naked mole rat

While true details of what is going on have yet to be disclosed, we can pretty safely assume that the ESRB has given some concessions to the politicos in order to get them into, what is, at least a political alliance. You certainly won’t see Ms. Clinton or Mr. Lieberman running on a platform of “Games are fine now! The ESRB is doing great! Now it’s dogs that are the TRUE danger!” One could argue that’s because everyone likes dogs, but then you’re kind of missing the whole point.

This article brought to you by the Committee For Electing Nex To Congress in 2008. He’ll rid the streets of freeloading dogs and put a Wii under every television.

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