Licking and sucking are just two ways you’ll control games at GDC 2016

Crazy alternative control schemes!

The games lineup for GDC 2016’s Alt.Ctrl.GDC showcase has been announced, and the control schemes sound crazy as heck, if not tasty. 

Hello, Operator! has players acting as a telephone switchboard operator in the 1930s by physically connecting calls with patch cables. If there is any voice acting, I hope it is old-timey. I love the dialect of that era.

If playing operator isn’t your bag and you just want to cuddle up with a good book, Little Book might be for you. You’ll assume the role of a little kid reading underneath their blankets at night while spooky things happen. Little Book is played with an actual book, an Oculus Rift, and a blanket over your head. Talk about immersion! 

More the type that missed the good ol’ days of wood-paneled televisions with crank knobs, rabbit ears, and punching that piece of shit you regret ordering from the Sears catalog? Then Please Stand By sounds like your kind of game. It requires you to do just that to unfold an interactive story about the past. 

If you’re like me, you love to eat your food by first licking from the bottom and slowly working your way up to the tippy top. You’ll be elated to hear about Planet Licker, a game that is played via licking flavored ice pops. I can’t possibly think of another type of game that would benefit from this type of controller. Wink wink, nudge nudge. 

Maybe you’re more of the sucking type. If you’re attending GDC, you’ll be able to get your grubby hands on Suck My Rainbow, described as “a colorful vacuuming experience.” Little is currently know about the game other than this teaser video of a person sucking on things at a grocery store.

These are just a few examples of the games to be shown with unique control schemes at the Game Developers Conference next year from March 14 – 18 in San Francisco. Check out the entire lineup for Alt.Ctrl.GDC over at its official site. Plenty of interesting entries that attendees can get their hands and tongues on. 

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