Liberty City gets Google Maps treatment

God bless Rockstar for including a gigantic fold-out map of Liberty City with every copy of Grand Theft Auto IV. Without it, I might have never been able to find that bar to get the QUB3D achievement. But what a pain in the ass it was dealing with that unwieldy map — it’s four times the size of my coffee table, and it folds in 72 different places.

IGN has the answer — an interactive, detailed virtual map of Liberty City. Powered by Google Maps, everything you’ll need is here, from vehicle locations to the hottest entertainment spots in Liberty City. Zoom in, zoom out, add markers … this is definitely going to be a helpful tool for anyone who plans on spending any time with GTA IV.

According to the in-game statistics, I’ve dumped hours into this game, and yet I haven’t seen half of what’s on this map. The game is huge, and I’m going to take my time seeing all of the sights, both online and off. Is there anyone who is truly done with this game yet, and if so, how’s unemployment working out for you?

Nick Chester