Liar Princess and the Blind Prince makes a good first impression

NIS has some cool stuff coming up

Sometimes, all you need is an image or a piece of artwork to decide right then and there that you need to follow a game. That’s exactly how it went down for me with Liar Princess and the Blind Prince, an upcoming PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch game from Nippon Ichi Software. It’s gorgeous.

The game is about a wolf-turned-princess guiding a blind prince through a forest.

Liar Princess isn’t confirmed for the West just yet, but it’s releasing in Japan on May 31, 2018. So if it is localized, it might not be too terribly far off. Seems like a perfect little Vita/Switch game.

For more on the year ahead for NIS, check out CJ’s recent roundup.

Jordan Devore
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