Liar, liar … PS3 didn’t create any fire

A few days ago, a blogger named Netnoob claimed that a PS3 left on overnight caused his house to burn down. Well, after a nasty call from Sony, Netnoob has come forth and confessed the whole thing was a scam. The PS3 never burned down his house, not that it could have in the first place, because Noob doesn’t own a PS3, let alone a house to burn down.

Noob confessed to lying about his house fire on the same blog where he posted the original lie.

First off I would like to say I dont owen a playstation 3 or a house.. I got a very lovely call from sony today,after my story hit the U.S.A it got big in other parts of the world. In Japan alone I had over 23,000 unique views in one day after a news station reported my story. In the U.S.A I had over 30,000 in just a few days, now some people at sony are a little pissed. Im not going into any names but a legal head at sony made it nice a clear that I need to let everyone know it was all just a scam. He told me the last few weeks, sony had over 200 calls from people concerned about their PS3.

Once again.. My house was not burned down, and I never owned a playstation 3. Thank you, and sorry to the poeple I might have made second guess Sony’s responsibility for making their first prority the safety of the customers..

I’m glad Sony put this little idiot in his place. He’s gotta learn what happens to people that try to screw with the big boys. If it was an Xbox 360 in the story, instead of a PS3, Peter Moore would have had him tortured with a pair of jumper cables hooked up to a rechargeable controller battery pack.

Hey Sony, while you’re putting this little moron through the ringer, could you teach him how to write too? His confession post looks like a drunk chimp wrote it.

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