LG wants to ban PS3 sales in the US

Electronics firm LG has filed a patent infringement suit against Sony, demanding that the platform holder stop selling PlayStation 3 consoles and Bravia televisions. LG claims that TVs infringe four patents, while the PS3’s Blu-ray player infringes a further four.

According to the suit, the problems stem from the way in which the PS3 handles multiple data streams and reproduces data from read-only sources.

Sony, for its part, isn’t just the receiver in this legal buggery, having already gone after LG cellphones for seven patent violations, and filed a civil suit over LG Blu-ray players. Looking at the history, it seems as if LG is acting out and attempting to give as good as it gets.

This eye-for-an-eye way of using the legal system just strikes me as rather petulant, if anything. Likely nothing will come of this, and it’s just two companies bitchslapping each other for nobody’s gain. Both of ’em can shut up. 

LG Fires Back at Sony in Patent Fight Over TVs, Phones [Bloomberg]

James Stephanie Sterling