Levine ‘informally engaged’ with BioShock 2

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People relieved that BioShock mastermind Ken Levine is working on the thematically unlikely sequel might be dismayed to learn that he will not be “substantially involved” with BioShock 2. He is instead working on a brand new IP with 2K Boston and will only be working on a few aspects of BioShock.

“I am, at best, sort of informally engaged in certain scenes, a couple of things in it,” admitted Levine. “But I’m not really working on it at a material level.

“Melissa, who was the producer on Bioshock, is over there running that group now. It’s going to be their thing, their project. I think they’re cogniscent of the reaction and people’s feelings on the first game. I’m not going to be substantially involved.”

BioShock 2 is due out in Q4 of next year, where it will doubtless be held up to heavy scrutiny following the massive critical success of last year’s original.

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