Levine: Houser digs his f*cking teeth in

Kev Levine, mastermind of 2007’s BioShock, has shared some love for his 2K stablemates by referring to Rockstar’s Houser brothers as “Spielbergs” of the industry. Claiming that Sam Houser made Grand Theft Auto IV by “digging his f*cking teeth in,” Levine admitted to being a big fan.

“He is absolutely the most intense guy in the world,” said Levine of Sam. “He’s like Rasputin, you know. He’s intense… But that’s how you make great stuff. You don’t make great stuff by wearing a nice sweater and drinking a martini: you make great stuff by digging your f*cking teeth in.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Sam … Since BioShock‘s come out – I was a huge fan of his, and I think he really liked the game, and he felt is was something that was greatly interesting. I can’t speak for Sam, you know, but that’s my interpretation of what he said … They’re the Spielbergs, you know. The Spielbergs of our industry. The amount of revenue that guy generates … When you meet him he’s a really self-effacing guy.”

I think it’s pretty clear what needs to happen. Levine and the Housers have to make a game together. I am confident that the sheer triumph contained in such a game would cause the industry to implode and suck us all into an alternative dimension full of pure, unadulterated beauty. Or it’d be a remake of Fester’s Quest. Who knows?

James Stephanie Sterling