Level-5 promises to electrify you with ‘shocking’ announcement Sept 26th

Level-5, a company I’ve rather admired ever since the release of Dark Cloud, dropped a rather tantalizing comment in the last issue of Famitsu: they are having a press conference on September 26th called Level-5 Vision 2008 (I want a reason to have a big fancy press conference for Dtoid, which I will name “DTOID Ball Blasting Revelation Burst 2008‘), which the slogan for is “A game revolution is beginning […] Wait for shocking announcements from Level-5!

Shocking is big word, Level-5. Did you mean thrilling? Shocking makes me think of things like the announcement a fully nude in-game character who eats birds. Thrilling would be more like the announcement of the Professor Layton MMO, which I reckon I would enjoy up until the point I yanked my hair from my scalp in frustration.

[Via Gamekyo — Thanks, Adam]

Colette Bennett