Level 5 announces new horror RPG for the PSP

Famitsu brings all the juicy news to those whose eyes can withstand the color explosion, and this time it has shed light on a freaky new PSP RPG from Level 5, Ushiro.

Ushiro, roughly translated as Behind, will place you in the lively shoes of a Shinigami, Japan’s personification of death. Your job will be to cling onto the backs of people who have exhausted their lives and experience what one assumes will be their last moments. Sounds like a fun-filled romp for all the family, eh wot?

Once you’re latched onto someone, you must “observe, possess, and fulfill the wishes,” of your victim as well as do battle with a monster that serves as the embodiment of a person’s malice. 

Looks spicy hot to me. I love my PSP, I love RPGs and I love pretending to be a parasitic grim reaper who rides around on peoples’ backs. All my needs are fulfilled — what about yours?

[Via VG247]

James Stephanie Sterling