Let’s watch Geoff Keighley’s gamescom stream together

One Afternoon Live for us Americans

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During a normal year, we’d all be crammed together in Cologne, Germany fighting the humidity, crowds, and heat stroke. Let me be the first to make this poignant observation: This is no normal year.

In 2019, Geoff Keighley gave gamescom a livestream show to call its own, debuting One Night Live as the place where gamescom news gets announced. It went pretty well! Now, it’s back for this all-digital edition of gamescom.

What can we expect? Well, it’s a lot of stuff for games we already know about. Approximately 40 games will be shown during the two-hour stream. Fall Guys Season 2, Little Nightmares II, the Destiny: Beyond Light expansion — these are some things that have already been confirmed to make an appearance.

It’s so much more though. Keighley has said there are “content debuts” from: 2K, Activision, Bandai Namco, Bethesda, Blizzard, Bungie, Deep Silver, Devolver, Electronic Arts, Frontier, Focus Home, Gearbox, Headup Games, PlayStation, Warner Bros., Xbox, and more. There are some very big names in that list.

Kick back, crack open a cold root beer, and riff with us. Riff hard. Turn the volume nice and low, and make wise-acre remarks over the top. If you’re ever drawing a blank, just say “Mah wife” like Borat. Classic.

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