Let’s talk all about PAX West ’cause it was a hell of a time

Whiskey for my men…

At PAX West this year, I made it a point to say “Beer for My Horses” as often as I could. I wasn’t sure what the context was. I guess it’s like how they say “Roll Tide” in the south. “You ready for that exam tomorrow?” “Roll Tide.” “Johnny, I want you to mow the lawn!” “Roll Tide.”

But, I ran into something of a roadblock when folks had never heard “Beer for My Horses.” So, I made it a point to play the Toby Keith magnum opus as often as I could. By the end of the weekend, Jordan legitimately liked the song. The human psyche is a wonderfully frail creature.

That was just a small chunk of PAX West for the Video Game Boys this year. We also have all the dirt on the best games we saw, how our party almost fell apart, and how Darren almost got strangled with a belt by a stranger on the street. Still bummed that last one didn’t come to be.

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Brett Makedonski
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