Let’s take a moment to appreciate this sick Castlevania art piece

Created by Dave Rapoza

Artist Dave Rapoza‘s take on Castlevania is one of my favorite outside interpretations I’ve seen.

In his new art piece – available as a print from Cook and Becker – Rapoza surrounds Simon Belmont with the ghoulish bosses and foes from the original Castlevania. I absolutely love the ornate detailing.

“I didn’t look at the original video game for my research for me today, a two-tone purple monster will feel silly, right? Like how’s that scary at all? Yet when you dive into your nostalgic memory, the magic is still there, your interpretation of this world that was merely implied to you by the game makers,” he said. “The pixels only imply certain shapes, and you fill in the blanks with your imagination.”

You know a tribute piece is good when it makes you want to fire up an entire series of games. I wish Konami would do a lot of things, but at the top of the list, I wish it would do right by Castlevania.

Simon Belmont [Cook and Becker] [Thanks, Sam van der Meer]

Jordan Devore
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