Let’s play some Halo! No, I meant the board game

Every majorly popular franchise is destined to be wrung dry for any and all opportunities to make money, and Halo is no exception. You can buy just about any item you can dream of, from collectible toys to everything 20th Century Fox can stamp with the infamous logo. Doesn’t it make sense, then, to release a board game?

This September, Genius Products and B1 Games will release the Halo Interactive Strategy Game, which Genius Products has called “an innovative game … sure to resonate with fans.” That may very well be, but I only have one question here: Why wouldn’t you just go play the videogame version? If you want to play a Halo game, why not play the original? Am I on crazy pills?

Check out the press release post-jump to read more about characters, extras and the pack-in DVD, which claims to have “unseen exclusive” content. What’s your take — is there a reason to buy a board game version of a videogame? Or will you just snag it to get your hands on that extras disc?

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Genius Products LLC and B1 Games Unleash First Board Game Based on Microsoft and Bungies’ Highly Successful Video Game Franchise

Halo™ Interactive Strategy Game

Game for All Ages Maintains Critical Elements of the Hit Video Game and Offers Endless Gameplay

SANTA MONICA, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Calling all Halo fans across the universe! Let the battle for supremacy begin as Genius Products, Inc. (OTCBB: GNPI) and B1 Games unveil the first ever board game based on Microsoft and Bungies’ best selling entertainment property – Halo™. The all-new Halo™ Interactive Strategy Game captures the edge-of-your-seat action and storyline of the video game as it gives players the chance to control UNSC Marine and Covenant forces in strategic battles for power. Hitting retail this September, the game brings the Halo universe to a broader audience with its family-friendly features.

“Halo is one of the most recognizable and successful video game franchise of all time and boasts a tremendous worldwide presence that continues to grow,” said Trevor Drinkwater, President and CEO of Genius Products. “Fans of all ages are going to love this extension of the popular brand that offers endless game play. B1 Games has created an incredibly innovative game that mirrors the hit franchise and will truly resonate with fans.”

Featuring the same premise and characters as the video game – including Master Chief, A.I. and Covenant – the Halo™ Interactive Strategy Game offers a modular board that can be re-configured to create a virtually limitless game play experience. In recreating the video game’s signature three dimension graphic design, the game pulls fan-favorite elements from Halo 1, 2, and 3 along with music from the video game’s award-winning soundtrack and features unseen exclusive DVD content to enhance game play.

In the game, players will command armies of three-dimensional collectible character pieces for two different levels of play: Heroic for faster, more casual game play and Legendary for more strategic advanced gamers. Fans can follow storylines that expand the Halo experience in Campaign mode or go head-to-head in interactive battle sequences with Slayer or Capture the Flag modes. The battle options are endless with future add-ons of new adventures, vehicles, characters and weapons to expand the experience.

The Halo™ Interactive Strategy Game is suitable for ages 10+ and will be available at retailers nationwide.

About B1 Games

B1 Games is a premier entertainment and game company that brings a whole new dimension to the way the world has fun. B1 Games incorporates world-class design and proprietary interactive elements to create an entirely unique gaming experience. B1 Games continually pushes the limits of technology and creativity to achieve a game experience that is fun and exciting. The name “B1” symbolizes our belief in bringing families and friends together for a truly interactive shared experience.

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Genius Products, Inc. (OTCBB:GNPI), along with The Weinstein Company Holdings LLC, together owns Genius Products, LLC, a leading independent home-entertainment distribution company that produces, licenses and distributes a valuable library of motion pictures, television programming, family, lifestyle and trend entertainment on DVD and other emerging platforms through its expansive network of retailers throughout the U.S. Genius handles the distribution, marketing and sales for such brands as Asia Extreme(TM), Discovery Kids(TM), Dragon Dynasty(TM), Dimension Films(TM), Entertainment Rights, Classic Media and Big Idea (Entertainment Rights group companies), ESPN®, IFC®, RHI Entertainment(TM), Sesame Workshop®, The Weinstein Company® and WWE®. Genius Products, Inc. is the managing member of Genius Products, LLC, in which it holds a 30% equity interest.

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