Let’s Go Find El Dorado: Oregon Trail with ‘physics’

Notice how I specifically say “physics” and not “realistic physics.” Because, as far as I know, wagon-carrying cattle cannot leap from mountain to mountain; if only we lived in a world where such a mode of transportation existed.

Let’s Go Find El Dorado is an indie game developed for Ludum Dare 16. You can think of it as a reimagining of the classic Oregon Trail story, complete with — yes, quit asking already — dysentery. What is it with you people and dysentery?

According to creator Justin Smith, game features include “realistic Conestoga wagon physics, 3 exciting diseases, and the legendary city of gold.” On a slow day like today, we need games like this to survive. Hell, we need games like this all the time. It’s hilarious and educational (probably).

F*ck Oregon let’s go find El Dorado [Ludum Dare via Reddit]

Jordan Devore
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