Let’s give out 100 copies of Deiland for Steam

Just tell us you want one!

[This week, Destructoid is brought to you by Deiland, available now on Steam! Here is a fun giveaway from the publisher.]

You may have heard about Deiland, the charming new sandbox game with RPG elements. It released on Steam this past week, and to celebrate its PC launch the developer has decided to give away 100 copies to the Destructoid audience!

Deiland is a single-player RPG where you can farm, craft, and build your own planet in a relaxing open world. As you create new crops, recipes, and potions, visitors from neighboring planets will visit yours to trade for rare and unique goods. Just don’t get dizzy! Deiland features a planet-turning mechanic that allows you to freely (and literally!) roam around your planet to defend it from meteors and enemies, while also giving you total control over your landscape.

As a way of saying thanks to the Dtoid community, developer Chibig is giving away 100 copies of their brand new game — totally for free! Want in on the action? Simply comment below with your prized crop from your planet to claim your Steam key. Or you can email our resident contest czar at [email protected] and ask for a key — take your pick!

Just make sure your Dtoid account has your current email address so we can hook you up with a key.

Deiland is out now on Steam!