Let’s dance: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars soundtrack detailed

With Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars hitting shelves next Tuesday, Rockstar has finally decided to reveal details on the game’s soundtrack.

While the limits of the DS cart mean you won’t be getting the full suite of licensed goodness you normally get in GTA titles, Rockstar is at least trying to make up for it. The game will feature in-car radio stations, like Electro-Choc, IF99, Tuff gong, The Beat, and Radio Broker. The music will be a mix of original and licensed instrumental tracks from producer you might not have heard of because you’re not cool enough. Deadmau5, Truth & Soul, Ticklah, Prairie Cartel and Alchemist, for example. 

See, told you you weren’t cool enough. (Note: If you actually are cool enough, I apologize.  I wasn’t cool enough to know that you were cool enough.) 

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