Let’s check in with the Shenmue III Kickstarter one year later

Will it be a lucky hit?

Did you back Shenmue III? Want to see where your money is going? Well legendary developer Yu Suzuki is checking in one year later in video format (via Gematsu), stating that the “cheers at the Sony announcement still ring in [his] ears.” Aw.

But shifting into the business side, he notes that they’ve been steadily taking on more team members over time, doing early work with Shenmue II models to do “simple battle and conversation tests on UE4.” A prototype was started in January, which means that in earnest, true development has been underway for six months. The crew is getting more jazzed over time Suzuki says, and once again asks for your support.

This is one project that really could go either way. The demand and anticipation is so massive, it will be hard to even deliver. But honestly, even if it didn’t fully meet my expectations, just seeing a real conclusion to this story that started in 1999 will be enough for me.

Shenmue III [Kickstarter]

Chris Carter
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