Let’s all laugh at this truly awful GameStop commercial for Destiny 2

These idiots can’t count!

Destiny 2 has the attention of most of the video game industry right now. The console release is a mere week away. The PC beta shows signs that the port isn’t lacking (and that itself is important and semi-surprising news). Everything’s shaping up for one of the biggest titles of 2017.

There’s a bit of a botch job in the last-minute pre-order push, though. GameStop released a 30-second commercial (embedded above) and it is not being well-received. The weird and out-of-place polygonal animation, the “You don’t know how to count” punchline that it’s eventually working toward — it adds up to a lame effort that finds a way to kind of overshadow the game it’s promoting.

The audience has noticed too. Although the video doesn’t have all that many views, it’s currently sitting at 91% disliked. It’s not going well, even though the actual pre-order bonus is perfectly okay as far as pre-order bonuses go. Producing ads is difficult for many people.

(Thanks for the tip, mr_raccoon!)

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