Let this Zelda Poe sculpture get you in the spooky Halloween mood

Ooo so scary

Given that Zelda has such a massive fanbase with decades of history, it’s easy to find plenty of amazing creations in any given month. This amazing Poe mold is from legendarytreasures, who creates Zelda scenes with various official merchandise and crafts their own works (like this Poe).

So how did they create this work of art? Well, the molding is by way of Sculpey Firm polymer clay (which can be baked), the little lamp is glowing with help from a pen light, and a fog machine set the mood of the scene. As for the tombstones, they were custom-made with Hylian words gathered from the ‘net.

According to legendarytreasures, their next work is a Floormaster. Give them a follow or a bookmark, as you’ll probably be seeing them in the future!

Was feeling festive so I sculpted a Poe [Reddit]

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