Let the crappy add-ons commence! Wii Fit gets a ‘yoga mat’

Wii Fit hasn’t even hit shelves yet, but that hasn’t stopped the third party rubbish from kick starting. Introducing the Wii Fit yoga mat, a special piece of cloth that you need to own if you’re serious about losing weight. Why? Well, it’s green of course!

For the low, low price of £19.99, you too could own this piece of sh*t that’s guaranteed to increase your Wii Fit enjoyment by a whopping 0%! The yoga mat “is designed to be placed between flooring and the Wii Balance Board to reduce impact and provide body support,” according to manufacturer Hori. That’s worth twenty quid of anybody’s money, because I’ve never seen a piece of cloth until Hori invented it.

This mat is officially licensed, so you don’t have to worry it about it being crap. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve already ordered ten thousand million of them! I got them on special offer with a handful of magic f*cking beans!

Jim Sterling